60 minute Reflexology or Reiki session

75 minute Reflexology or Reiki session

90 minute combined Reflexology & Reiki session

90 - 120 minute Emotional Release Therapy session
$120.00 - $160.00

If you are experiencing genuine financial hardship please let me know and we can make another arrangement.

Give the gift of Reflexology or Reiki

E-gift cards can be purchased in the link below.
If you would like to purchase a plastic gift card with a pre-loaded amount on it, please contact me and I can post one out to you.

Corporate Reflexology

Reflexology is a powerful treatment that relieves stress, improves concentration and boosts the immune system. If you are an employer looking to increase the productivity and health of your staff then I highly recommend this service. The sessions will be offered at your premises during work hours. I can offer 30 or 60 minute treatments for each employee depending on your availability and budget.

I will provide all the equipment needed to conduct the treatments and will only require a small room where I can set up a recliner. Your staff will only need to remove their shoes and socks for the treatment making it a convenient option for the workplace. More information about the benefits of reflexology can be found in my in-depth article on What Is Reflexology.